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구글 스트리트뷰( google street view )의 사생활 침해 가능성

저녁 뉴스시간에 구글의 새로운 서비스인 구글 스트리트뷰(google strret view)가
사생활을 침해 할 수 있다는 보도를 접했습니다.

언뜻 보니 담장을 넘는 사람이 찍혀있거나 스트립클럽을 다녀오는 일반인의 모습이
그대로 담겨 있더군요..

관련기사를 찾아보니
Top 15 Google Street View Sightings 이란 타이틀로새 창으로 열기)  Stan Schroeder 이란분이 올린 글이더군요.

기술의 발전으로 누릴 수 있는 혜택이 커짐과 동시에 이런저런 문제 역시 발생하기

찾는 사람은 순전히 악의없는 재미로 찾겠지만 당하는사람 입장에선 썩 유쾌하지만은
않을 듯 합니다.

구글뿐만아니라 수많은 개발사와 소프트웨어 엔지니어들이 이미지검색 기법을
고안하고 구현해 나가고 있는데 어느정도 기술적 성과가 나타나면 해결 될 수 있을까요?

아래는 원문의 일부입니다.

15. The Woz

Street named after Steve Wozniak. OK, it’s not such a big deal, but this is number 15, we’re just getting warmed up here, OK?


Link(새 창으로 열기)

14. The laws are there to be broken

Well, at least he’s not speeding by much.


Link(새 창으로 열기)

13. The Void

And to your left, you can see the endless void that consumes all life. Please stick to the right side of the street.


Link(새 창으로 열기)

12. Your face called…

…it wants its left side back.

Half Face

Link(새 창으로 열기)

11. He sees things we cannot see

The cameras that Google is using for this aren’t really working all that well.

Crazy Eyes

Link(새 창으로 열기)

10. Giant Pumpkin

It’s a giant pumpkin. Right there in the field. Turn the image 180 degrees for a weird pink smoky…thing, too.


Link(새 창으로 열기)

09. The guy with no head.

This guy shouldn’t complain, at least it’s hard to identify him.


Link(새 창으로 열기)

08. Semi-naked babe

We could open our web browser and find zillions of pictures of hot babes within seconds. In better quality. And more naked. But, there’s something about finding a blurry pic of a semi-naked babe drawn on a truck on Google Maps that makes our heart race.

Semi naked babe

Link(새 창으로 열기)

07. The Internet sucks

“The Internet sucks, come here for your erotic needs”, they say. Well, is Tera Patrick being all naked and naughty in there? Is she? Didn’t think so.

Internet sucks

Link(새 창으로 열기).

06. Cornelius and his dog

There’s a sad background story to this one. Read it here(새 창으로 열기).


Link(새 창으로 열기)

05. Girls sunbathing

A couple of girls sunbathing on a lawn isn’t exactly spectacular, but it’s better than the blurry picture of the semi-naked babe on a truck.

Sunbathing babes

Link(새 창으로 열기)

04. Guy getting into the adult book store.

Hey, it could have been worse. He could have been going out of a strip club, or something.

Adult Book Store

Link(새 창으로 열기)

03. Guy getting out of strip club

We’re gonna have to be honest here: the guy looks like he’s merely paying for parking. But, that’s a strip club behind him, and we will, of course, assume he just spent some sexy time with Mimi and Peaches. Is that a happy grin on his face? Sure it is.

Strip club

Link(새 창으로 열기)

02. Crime in progress

Maybe the guy just forgot his keys. Or he’s practicing for the free climbing contest. Hey, is that a lockpicking set dangling out of his pocket?

Breaking in

Link(새 창으로 열기)

01. ET

Some might say it’s a lens flare. Some might argue it’s a camera malfunction. It’s the sunlight reflecting off the…lamp post…and a lens flare….and a camera malfunction, skeptics will yell!

But deep in your heart you all know it’s ET. Phooooone. Hooooome.


Link(새 창으로 열기)

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